Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Moviegoer

Lee Goldberg had a blog post the other day about how bad the summer movies are, and Jim Winter complains about the prices. Ray Banks takes them gently to task.

As for me, I can only quote one of my favorite novels, Walker Percy's The Moviegoer. Here's what the narrator, Binx Bolling, has to say: "Our neighborhood theater in Gentilly has permanent lettering in front of the marquee reading: Where Happiness Costs so Little. The fact is I am quite happy in a movie. Even a bad movie."

Me, too.


Anonymous said...

Lee Goldberg does have a point: the last two good movies he mentions were MILLION DOLLAR BABY and THE INCREDIBLES. I agree. This summer of remakes is a disaster.

George Kelley

James Reasoner said...

THE MOVIEGOER is a great novel, one of my favorites, too. If I could find my copy, I'd quote the line about the Ringo Kid. Great stuff.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Bill, I have to agree with Lee Goldberg (& George) here. The movies today suck, big time. Cheap entertainment relatively speaking, maybe, but if it's not entertaining, why bother?

One newer good movie is a documentary I can highly recommend: Mad Hot Ballroom.

Otherwise, it was Million Dollar Baby and Ray.

Anonymous said...

A.C. Douglas, like me long absent from movie theaters, ventured out the other day to see Batman Begins. The account of his experience ( is enough to keep me away for another decade or two.

Art Scott