Monday, June 27, 2005

John Fiedler, R. I. P.

New York City - AP New York: "NEW YORK (AP) _John Fiedler, a stage actor who won fame as the voice of Piglet in Walt Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh films, died Saturday, The New York Times reported in Monday editions. He was 80.

Fiedler served in the Navy during World War II before beginning a stage career in New York. He performed in supporting roles alongside Sidney Poitier on Broadway, John Wayne in Hollywood and Bob Newhart on television. "

Another Pooh voice gone, but I remember Fiedler best as Mr. Peterson on "The Bob Newhart Show." He was probably my favorite of Bob's patients, along with Mr. Carlin. And you know what's scary? Here's what's scary. I thought of him as an Old Guy when I watched the show, and he was probably ten years younger than I am at this moment. OK, that might not scare you, but it sure as hell scares me.


James Reasoner said...

"The Bob Newhart Show" is my all-time favorite sit-com. I'm sorry to hear that John Fiedler is gone. Like you, I thought he was a lot older than that. I still see Jack Riley, who played Mr. Carlin, on various TV shows, but he's getting pretty old, too. That series was just full of great character actors.

Unknown said...

One thing I like about seeing the show now is the clothing. I think people should still be dressing that way.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget Fiedler as he creepy little Mr. Hengist in Wolf in the Fold on the original Star Trek.

Mark Justice

Anonymous said...

Bill, thanks for mentioning this, as I missed it. The therapy group, Emily, Howard & the rest made "The Bob Newhart Show" a classic. I loved Mr. Peterson talking about his Marine days in that high squeaky voice. I agree with James; after Mr. Carlin he was my favorite.

As for the clothes, my aunt gave me a picture of Jackie and me from 1971 and I seem to be wearing a "Bob Newhart Show" shirt. Let's just say the collar points reach halfway to my waist. (So does my hair, but let's not go there.)

Cap'n Bob said...

Wasn't he also the timid racist real estate man in A Raisin in the Sun?

. said...