Monday, June 27, 2005

Proof that Nobody Copyedits Robert B. Parker These Days

From Appaloosa, p. 266: "The room was quiet and noisy."

p. 238: "Bragg took a tan leather case out of his inside coat pocket. He offered a cigar to Bragg and me."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these two mistakes. I run a web site devoted to Parker's novels and hadn't started to take notes on this one yet but I missed them on my first reading.

Contrary to what one reader said, the novels have been increasingly full of inconsistant writing and gaping plot holes as the years have gone by. And BTW on the signing tour for this book he said that he now types 10 pages a day; it can only get worse.

mybillcrider said...

I still like the books, regardless of the errors. I'm a huge fan of Parker's work. And I think there's another inconsistency in the book, but I didn't list it because I could explain it away to my satisfaction.