Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Stella's Not Feeling Groovy

How 'Stella's' groove got away from her: "After convincing older women that they can find love with a man half their age, best-selling writer Terry McMillan's Tea Cake has run off -- with a man. Jonathan Plummer was 20 years old and McMillan was 43 when they met while she was staying at a Jamaican resort in 1995. At the time, McMillan had made millions from her novel 'Waiting to Exhale' and was so popular she once complained that she couldn't walk through an airport without sisters stopping her.

But apparently brothers in the United States weren't interested, because McMillan was in Jamaica getting turned on by a local just like legions of other lonely American women who go to the Caribbean looking for romantic adventure. Only McMillan did what a lot of other women wish they could do. She brought the young man home, put him up in her $4 million home, and married him three years later.

Her widely read novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back is based, in part, on the steamy affair between McMillan and Plummer. McMillan is now 53. Plummer is 30 -- and he has come out of the closet. McMillan has filed for a divorce, claiming Plummer 'lied about his sexual orientation' and that he married her 'only to gain U.S. citizenship.'"


Anonymous said...

I just find this hilarious. I had to sit through the movie once, and I think this might count as poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

Man, karma is a bitch, I think this one was well deserved iven the garbage she spewed about American black men in her books and some of her television appearances. I am laughing my ass off because dude looked really sweet in every picture I have seen...but she never noticed it?! LOL!