Thursday, June 30, 2005

Voodoo, Ltd. -- Ross Thomas

Sometimes I wonder why I don't just re-read Ross Thomas over and over, the way some people (you know who you are) re-read Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series. For me, Thomas is The Master.

In Voodoo, Ltd. Artie Wu and Quincy Durant are back, along with their great supporting cast: Otherguy Overby, Booth Stallings, and Georgia Blue. This time they're working a blackmail case involving a beautiful movie star who's pretty sure didn't kill a man named Billy Rice. Her lawyer hires a couple of kinky British hypnotists to help her remember, and they disappear with the tapes they've made of their sessions with her. As usual with Thomas, things get really complicated after that. Everybody has ulterior motives (even the good guys), nobody's telling everybody everything, and the bodies start to pile up. Smooth, stylish, plenty of action, lots of great dialogue, what more could you ask for? Every time I re-read a book by Thomas I wonder why I've wasted my time reading some big bestseller when I could just pick up something like Voodoo, Ltd. and read it again.


Anonymous said...

things get really complicated after that?

*laughing too hard!*

David J. Montgomery said...

I just re-read this one, too, Bill, and it's as great as ever.

Man, do I miss Ross.

Sarah said...

That's it, I have to start a reread binge of Ross soon.