Friday, June 24, 2005

My Bouchercon Panel

Friday September 2nd 2:30 to 3:30

The Influence of Ellery Queen

Janet Hutchings -chair
Edward Hoch
Marvin Lachman
Bill Crider

I'm happy to be on a panel with such noted EQ experts. However, I am not a noted EQ expert. For that matter, I'm not an EQ expert at all. I have a feeling I was put on this panel so the others could make fun of me.


Banjo Jones said...

Just wear a funny hat, Bill.

Unknown said...

I look funny enough without the hat. I guess I could wear those birth-control glasses, though. If I still had 'em.

PollyME said...

Just stick to responses such as, "I agree with [insert name here]." And then repeat whatever so-and-so said with great enthusiasm.

Also, don't speak unless somebody directly asks you a question.

Occasionally stroke your index finger and thumb down your chin. That always looks smart.


Good luck.

Unknown said...

I know Janet Hutchings. She'll call on me directly. But I can always say, "I believe Ed's already covered that, and he was absolutely right."

Anonymous said...

It's required that you have a panel like that at least once a year -- or, in my case, once a con. I'll never forget the "Alternative Religious Worldbuilding in Fantasy" panel that I was stuck on before I wrote fantasy, or had any religious worldbuilding in my work at all.

Looooooong hour, since everybody else was extraordinarily knowledgeable and the moderator was extra-polite and kept trying to solicit comments from me.

I've since learned: brief the moderator early that you're there to provide the "non-expert perspective." :) Or maybe not calling on you would be even better.

Best of luck, Bill -- I know you'll knock 'em dead, anyway!

Rachel (Roxanne)

Anonymous said...

OK Bill, it's on my calendar:

2:30 Friday - Be there to make fun of Bill.

What happened to Mike Nevins?