Monday, June 20, 2005

Everyone Says I Hate You.

A Writer's Life: How Hated Am I?

The fanfic debate rages on at Lee Goldberg's blog. He really roiled the waters when he started giving his negative opinions of fanfic, and some of the responses he's generated are pretty amazing.

Jim Winter, on the other hand, is not amused and would say that for blogging this item, I should be given a lobotomy.


Brent McKee said...

I still haven't forgiven Lee Goldberg and Bill Rabkin for the abortion that was the second season of Martial Law, although I'm willing to admit that the cancellation of Nero Wolfe wasn't their fault but should be blamed on the network weasels at A&E who think we need to see Growing Up Gotti and Dog the Bounty Hunter instead.

Bill said...

Well, not to excuse the network weasels, but I do think that Nero Wolfe lost a step after a while.

Brent McKee said...

Perhaps. There were some interesting ideas though, like using several actors as a sort of permanent supporting cast (including the lovely Kari Matchett) but I can see how the show might have started to slip. However it was the network weasels who killed it and A&E's other major dramatic show 100 Centre Street for being "too expensive". By comparison Dog The Bounty Hunter is presumably dirt cheap to produce...and looks it.

Bill said...

I really liked the use of the supporting actors in different roles. In fact, that was one of the things I liked best.

Rachel Caine said...

Hi, Bill! Just now realized (late in the game) that you had a blog too -- Rachel Caine, or as you may know me better from the auld days, Roxanne Conrad. I'm still agog over the Lee Golberg posts myself. People Behaving Badly, Part 47-1/2.

The only reason I posted there was that Paul Guyot had tossed down the gauntlet accusing me of being either POD or vanity press ... or not existing at all. So I had to at least confirm my identity and creds.

Not that it matters. :sigh:

-- Rachel

Bill said...

Hey, Roxanne. Everybody's got a blog, right? Glad to see you here, and let's hope the Weather Wardens sell like crazy!