Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Better Man than I

Ed Gorman & Friends:: "From the the time I was ten years old or so I've been collecting comics, books and magazines. Today I divested myself of around three thousand of the damned things."

Ed Gorman's a better man than I. Instead of getting rid of books and magazines, I'm still accumulating them. And if you don't believe me, just ask some of the eBay dealers I'm enriching. I know I shouldn't be buying stuff, but I've got the habit, and I can't break it. It's genetic, I'm sure. I must have told this here before, but my father was an inveterate accumulator of all kinds of junk: bottles, lamps, glasswear, barbed wire, lightning rod balls and arrows, fruit jars, what have you. He filled up his house and two-car garage, and then he bought the little one-bedroom house next door and filled that up, too. So you can see there's no hope for me.


Anonymous said...

I lucked out: I found a great home for my book collection. The librarians at SUNY at Buffalo have done a great job cataloging, organizing, and promoting the Kelley Collection. I can visit the Collection anytime. Plus the librarians are hard at work preserving those fragile paperbacks--something I couldn't do.

George Kelley

Bill said...

Yes, you lucked out indeed. But even if I got lucky, I'm not sure I could part with my books. Not yet.