Saturday, June 25, 2005

I (Heart) NY

New York Daily News - City News - Tassels & tussles at Queens graduation: "A graduation ceremony for sixth-graders in Queens erupted into chaos yesterday when parents fought over seats - striking a 7-year-old girl and bringing students to tears.

'Move! Move!' Moises Morales shouted at another parent just as his daughter and her 61 classmates at Public School 201 stood to sing 'Friends Forever,' witnesses said. 'I said move!' Morales, 43, yelled again near the back of the crowded auditorium on 155th St. in Flushing, witnesses said.

Morales and his pregnant wife arrived late to the morning ceremony and could not find seats, leading him to berate a woman who apparently was saving several chairs for family and friends, witnesses said.

The shouting quickly turned to shoving, and Morales hurled a bag at the woman, missing her and hitting the 7-year-old girl, police said."

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Vince said...

As a Queens native, Bill, all I can say is: they had it coming.