Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Custer Update

Warriors' act kept secret for decades - billingsgazette.com: "Warriors' act kept secret for decades

Of The Gazette Staff

Nobody talked openly about the 'Suicide Boys'' until almost 90 years after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

American Indian accounts written down immediately after the fight on June 25, 1876, or years later when the warriors were old men, do not mention four Cheyenne and about 20 Sioux warriors who vowed to fight to the death in the next battle with U.S. troops.

Maybe the suicide vow was too sacred to be shared with outsiders while the battle was still so fresh, speculated John Doerner, chief historian at Little Bighorn Battlefield."

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Dwyline from San Francisco said...

RE: Blog Short Story Project.

Dear Bill, I just wanted to say that after reading all the short stories, your story was the most enjoyable and "witty". Of course, as a reader of all your work and your Blog, I would anticipate anything you wrote to have a wonderful sense of humor that makes your writings so much fun, even the "darker" stories.

While I'm writing to you, I wanted to ask what your next book will be about and when you expect it to be available.

Thanks for many hours of entertaining READING!

Bill said...

Next up is A Mammoth Murder, another Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery from St. Martin's this winter.