Friday, January 21, 2005

Vince Keenan

Tonight I watched IFC's Ultimate Film Fanatic to see if blogger Vince Keenan (who claims he dreams in Technicolor, SurroundSound, and letterbox format) could capture the title for the Northwest Region. Well, not quite, but he sure came close. In the program's opening round I knew the answers to every question. Except for two, both of which were based on movies I haven't seen, Natural Born Killers and Bride of Chucky. Vince got both those answers right. Then he won the debate with a guy named Tony, who got another chance and beat the other contestant. It came down to who was the most obsessed with movies, as judged by a "panel of experts" that included Tatum O'Neal. I thought Vince had the first round sewed up with a explanation of his blog, but the panel thought Tony's collection of lobby cards from Mexican horror movies was a topper. The second round also went to Tony, thanks to his notebook containing his reviews of horror movies that he'd been doing since he was about eight years old.

So Tony won the $5000 and the big-screen plasma TV. I would have liked to see the "obsession round" go for the third item, just to see what the guys came up with. I'll bet Vince would've crushed Tony, but it wasn't to be. Still, when it comes to knowledge of movies, I think Vince was the clear winner. I'm sorry he didn't win it all.


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Clearly Vince is the superior film fanatic -- I mean, come on...where this guy Tony's blog, anyway?

Unknown said...

Absolutely, Ivan! It just goes to show you what happens when the "panel of experts" isn't really expert. However, I have to give Tatum O'Neal credit. She was with Vince on the second item.

Vince said...

Thank you, Bill (and Ivan), for the kind words about the show. It was a blast to do, and I don't have any regrets about the outcome. They wanted the most obsessive film fan, and they got him. I was happy to lose to Tony on that score.

And for the record, Tony would have taken the third round handily. He has quite an amazing collection.