Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Dramatist -- Ken Bruen

I read The Dramatist, Ken Bruen's fourth Jack Taylor novel, the other day. Jack is clean and sober in this one, but he's still a walking disaster area. If there's a wrong decision to be made, Jack will make it. If there's a wrong thing to say, Jack will say it. (He listens to good music and reads good books, though.) Another of Jack's problems is that he's not a danger only to himself. He seems to bring disaster to everyone who associates with him. I wouldn't want to be his friend, or even to live in the same city with him. But I do enjoy reading about him, so much so that I didn't wait for the American edition of this book but bought the British pb at Murder by the Book.

Which reminds me that Martha Farrington, the founder and owner of the Murder by the Book will receive a Raven this year from the Mystery Writers of America. This award is given to people who have made a special contribution to the mystery genre or to MWA. I'm sure Martha's getting it because she has one of the oldest and best mystery bookstores in the country, and she (along with her crack staff) has certainly contributed a lot to the careers of any number of mystery writers. Congratulations to Martha and to everyone at Murder by the Book.


Lee Goldberg said...

I just read HER LAST CALL TO LOUIS MACNEICE and I absolutely loved it... he was channeling Whittington and Willeford in this one. Far superior to THE GUARDS in every way.

Unknown said...

That's one I haven't read. Obviously I need to get hold of it Real Soon Now.