Monday, January 17, 2005

Chalotte MacLeod, R.I.P.

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) -- The Canadian-born novelist, who moved from the Boston area to Bowdoinham in 1985, died in a Lewiston nursing home.

MacLeod wrote more than 30 mystery novels. Her specialty was the so-called "cozy" mystery, which steered clear of gore, sex, violence and vulgar language.

MacLeod's Peter Shandy series traced the adventures of a college professor. Her other protagonists included a mystery-solving couple from Boston's Beacon Hill.

MacLeod's work won five American Mystery awards and a Nero Wolfe Award.

I know this will play hell with my "street cred" (as if I had any!), but I enjoyed Charlotte's MacLeod's novels quite a bit. They were funny and clever and well-written, which is quite an accomplishment if you ask me. I met Charlotte a number of times and liked her a lot. I remember that when she came to Houston one February, she wanted to know where the sand and cactus were. Because she was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease, her last years weren't happy ones, I'm sure. She deseved a lot better.

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