Wednesday, January 19, 2005


The January issue of CrimeSpree magazine arrived at my house yesterday. I've read only a couple of things, including Bob Randisi's anti-Bouchercon rant (actually, its more of an anti-Bouchercon attendance rant) and Sarah Weinman's introduction to the novels of Ross Thomas. Unlike Bob, I still register for Bouchercon when I attend, but I do think he makes some good points in his commentary. And I always enjoy reading about Ross Thomas. I hope that Sarah's article will encourage anybody who reads it and hasn't read anything by Thomas to give one of his books a try. I recently re-read The Fourth Durango and posted about it here. And I plan to re-read at least a couple of his books soon, as February is "Bleeck Midwinter" month on rara-avis, the hardboiled discussion list. (Oliver Bleeck is a Thomas pseudonym.)

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