Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Cupp: Ten Overlooked Odd Speculative Fiction Classics

The SF Site: Ten Overlooked Odd Speculative Fiction Classics: "Ten Overlooked Odd Speculative Fiction Classics"

A good list, I think. Scott and I have talked about several of these over the years.


  1. Not the worst list, but the overemphasis on novels is odd...I'd rather read Guin's LIVING WAY OUT, and T. L. Sherred's collected short fiction is better than ALIEN ISLAND (I certainly remember "Eye for Iniquity" and "Cue for Quiet" as well was "E for Effort"). Kate Wilhelm has a number of underappreciated novels, of which CITY OF CAIN might be my favorite, and we of the Horror List at Indiana U certainly haven't forgotten Manly Wade Wellman...whose collected John stories have been reissued as JOHN THE BALLADEER and OWLS HOOT IN THE DAYTIME more recently than WHO FEARS THE DEVIL?, though OWLS was issued in 2003. (I still have the ridiculous first Ballantine edition, which has SCIENCE FICTION branded across the front about as large as Wellman's name--there might be as many as five pages of sf in WHO FEARS THE DEVIL?)

  2. And Scott misspells "Wyman Guin."

  3. Has this list, typos and all, been up for nine years?

  4. Yes, it's an old list that is one of a series that they did.

    They can all be found here:

  5. At the time the SF/F community was going through some growing pains with the rise of the so called "New Weird" writers and the typical tomes of fat fantasy were being rejected for other modes of fantasy including mixing it with other genres like horror.

    This was also the time of the Dislocated Fictions column by Gabe Chouinard and the website Fantastic Metropolis

    (Bill may have to rescue this one from the spam because of the links)

  6. No need for a rescue. It got through just fine.

  7. Stephen B.11:01 PM

    I loved a lot of little short stories from age 13 on,the perfect age to discover speculative fiction.

    Good list - I have GIRL, THE GOLD WATCH and that was done as a TV movie, so yeah, probably not the best film.

  8. Stephen B.11:05 PM

    WHO FEARS THE DEVIL may be reprinted, from Nov. 2009 - the PAIZO page has an order pending for February.