Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 100 Greatest Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels of All Time

In Which We Count Down The 100 Greatest Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels of All�Time - Home - This Recording


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Man, this guy really likes Gene Wolfe, doesn't he?


    I'm surprised that someone who doesn't usually read this stuff (me) has read more than a quarter of the titles.


  2. I didn't count, but I've read a frightening number of them.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I've read over 90% of these. A fairly good list but I wouldn't have included Lost Horizon, Atlas Shrugged or Heinlein juveniles. And where is Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination or something by Samuel R. Delaney?

  4. Those are serious omissions, all right. And ATLAS SHRUGGED? Doesn't belong.

  5. Mr. Carnevale writes, "I see no reason to arbitrary draw such a lien," and I see no reason to accept literary advice from someone who can write such ungrammatical tripe as "An extraordinary powerful novel inspired by Vietnam in LeGuin's Hainish series, where one planet gives the gift of interstellar travel to the universe."

    More importantly, I can't imagine why I would be interested in the critical opinion of someone who thinks ATLAS SHRUGGED is either sf or fantasy, and who thinks Bill Bryson is "boring."

  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Re: Bradbuty's FAHENHEIT 451, at what temperature would a kindle burn?

  7. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Interesting to see folks complaining about Atlas Shrugged on the list. But it's not on the list. The Fountainhead is on the List. What does this mean?

  8. In my case, it means I was far too disgusted with the poor writing and wildly uneven literary "taste" to make it as far as #49, and plucked the Rand title from another commenter. THE FOUNTAINHEAD is an even worse pick than ATLAS SHRUGGED.


  9. Anonymous1:58 PM

    They don't have This Perfect Day by Ira Levin.

  10. Jerry House4:45 PM

    I'd be happier if the list was titled 100 of the Greatest Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels of All Time.

  11. It is probably sad that I haven't read a lot of those fantasy/scifi books...