Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 Worst Movies of All Time?

I haven't checked them all, but you can.  Click here.


  1. They put FLASH GORDON on the list! I love that movie!

  2. So do I. Obviously the list is bogus.

  3. Bogus list indeed. I may be in the minority here, but I've never thought Waterworld was as bad as people made it out to be.

  4. Convoy and Soylent Green*: Come on those both are classics. I mean where is Van Helsing I felt like I was getting dumber as that film went on.

    *you know its made from people

  5. Lessee...
    RABBIT TEST -- I walked out on it. Likewise VALLEY OF THE DOLLS

    MOM & DAD SAVE THE WORLD is actually pretty good. So is MAVERICK.

    PLAN 9, FIFTY-FOOT WOMAN, CAT WOMEN/MOON SANTA/MARTIANS are all accepted classic BAD Movies, but any list that doesn't include Mae West's SEXTET isn't worthy of consideration.

  6. I've seen SEXTET, or at least part of it. Couldn't stand to watch it all. And you're right.

  7. Anonymous7:20 AM

    And of course Judy is a big fan of ISHTAR. And here I thought she had good taste... .


    Anyway, I've seen (by the best count I can recall) 28 plus bits of others. It must have been tempting to have the entire 100 be Stallone or Pauly Shore movies.

    There are mediocre movies like Maverick and Godfather III that hardly deserve a place on the 100 Worst list. And how could they include the classic BIG BAD MAMA? Angie Dickinson should sue!

    But I must admit there are a lot of deserving things listed, like WILD WILD WEST.

  8. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Whoops, that was me - sorry.

    Jeff M.

  9. Yes, Judy was telling me only the other day about the pleasures of ISHTAR. I'm certainly in agreement about BIG BAD MAMA. Angie without clothing puts that movie into the classic category.

  10. I have to agree that SOYLENT GREEN was misplaced. But the high number of sad sequels should tell the movie business something. BTW where was TEEN WOLF 2?

    And I'm surprised that no one on this site isn't standing up to remove THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE from the list altogether.

  11. Mike Doran11:15 AM

    I saw RABBIT TEST. The following is the one good gag from this disaster: Billy Crystal teaches a citizenship class for immigrants. On the blackboard behind him is written: DUTIES OF A GOOD CITIZEN: (1) Vote; (2) Pay Taxes; (3) Keep Your Mouth Shut. Not even spoken, but the only real laugh (if you happened to notice it). I haven't had the guts to look at the rest of this list yet because it might bring back memories I don't think I want...

  12. Gerard11:28 AM

    I'm not going to read the list but I remember Big Bad Mama having lots of nudity and machine guns. That's two stars right there.