Friday, March 14, 2008

Goodbye Sister Disco -- James Patrick Hunt

I've read and enjoyed three of James Patrick Hunt's previous books, which should surprise nobody since he writes the kind of books I like to read: lean, fast, unpretentious, well-plotted stories peopled with vivid characters. [The fact that one (very) minor character is named "Crider" has absolutely nothing to do with my enjoyment of the book, by the way.]

This one's about a kidnapping. Nothing new there, but the procedural details, the city of St. Lewis, the feelings of the people involved all seen real and just right. There's humor, too. Not too much, but just enough to keep things balanced. If you've never tried Hunt's work before, this might be a good place to start. You'll probably want to go back and try some of the others, too. I seem to have missed one, and I'm looking for it right now.


  1. Gerard10:48 AM

    Every time I read that title I hear The Who's [i]Sister Disco[/i] in my head.

  2. Gerard10:48 AM

    Stupid html.

  3. One of the kidnappers probably hears it, too.

  4. Gerard lets not forget its also one of the worst of The Who's songs.

  5. Gerard5:01 PM

    Maybe it is. But I like it anyway.

  6. Gerard9:07 PM

    I'm listening to it again. On YouTube. I've been doing this several times a day since the original post.

  7. Sister Disco is a great song by The Who.

    Won't be buying the book but I
    love the title :)