Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top 10 Nerd Crushes

CARRIE FISHER - FISHER TOPS NERD CRUSH LIST: "CARRIE FISHER has topped a new internet poll to find the Hottest Nerd Crush of all time. The actress' portrayal of PRINCESS LEIA in Star Wars beat GILLIAN ANDERSON's X-Files detective DANA SCULLY in the new hit list, which focuses on the hottest comic book characters and sci-fi stars. The top 10 list is: 1. CARRIE FISHER 2. GILLIAN ANDERSON 3. CARRIE-ANNE MOSS (The Matrix) 4. GRACE PARK (Battlestar Gallactica) 5. LARA CROFT (Tomb Raider computer game vixen) 6. FAMKE JANSSEN (X-Men) 7. JERI RYAN (Star Trek: Voyager) 8. AEON FLUX (comic book heroine) 9. JENNIFER GARNER (Alias) 10. NATASHA HENSTRIDGE (Species). "


  1. Those nerds are really drawn to sci-fi, aren't they?

  2. It's kind of a self-selecting process, a feedback loop of self-conscious "nerdery" and cheesy skiffy flicks encountered during original and extended childhood. Linda Fiorentino in THE LAST SEDUCTION and NIGHT SHIFT might've made the list if her films had been more recent...