Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Digit Books -- Covers Galore

Digit Books: Digit Books were one of a series published by Brown Watson first appearing in 1956 with the first 160 or so being unnumbered, numbering started with D139 April 1958. Mostly Fiction and reprints although some were originals, genres included Science Fiction, Crime, Battle, Horror, Romance, Esoteric with a few Westerns plus about 20 Juvenile Delinquent titles mainly reprints of American titles which included the very scarce copy of Junkie by William Lee pseudonym of William S Burroughs 1957, this was the first time printed a a stand alone novel originally published in the U.S. as an Ace Double with Narcotics Agent by Maurice Helbrant Ace Books D-15, 1953.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Not home to check, but I believe Mansell Black is another pseudonym of Elleston Trevor,perhaps best known in this country as Adam Hall for the Quiller series.

I used to pick up DigitBooks

Jeff Meyerson said... England (I was trying to say).