Saturday, November 18, 2017

Andy Weir: By the Book - The New York Times

Andy Weir: By the Book: The author of “The Martian” and, most recently, “Artemis” has never read Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: “Yes, I know. I’m the worst sci-fi fan in the universe.”


Greg Daniel said...

Sounds like Andy Weir and I could have grown up in the same house. Heinlein's juveniles are always at the top of my favorite/influential books list (prefer them over STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND), I think Robert Asprin was a hoot (and underrated writer), and I have never read DUNE (but know enough about it to feel like I have.

George said...

Andy Weir just read THE FOUNDATION trilogy and never read DUNE. Not quite a keen SF fan.