Sunday, August 20, 2017

Voyage to the Otherworld: A New Eulogy for Ray Bradbury

Voyage to the Otherworld: A New Eulogy for Ray Bradbury


Don Coffin said...

I "found" Ray Bradbury through *Something Wicked This Way Comes*. I forget exactly how; that's more than 55 years ago. Then *October Country* and *Dandelion Wine.* Then, probably in 1963 of 1964 (when I was 15/16), *Farenheit 451*, a book that changed my life. Of the short story collections, my favorite is *The Machineries of Joy*, which is a great title, and the book is incredibly diverse ("The Beggar on Dublin Bridge" is beautiful and haunting and, I guess, based on something that might have happened when he was in Dublin working on the screenplay for John Huston's *Moby Dick*).

Unknown said...

I first read FAHRENHEIT 451 as a novella titled "The Fireman" in an early issue of Galaxy. Changed me life, too. I still prefer that version. Bradbury remains a favorite for many stories, including most of the ones in THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES.

Karin said...

I read Bradbury's first books like Don Coffin, and quite a few anthologized short stories. The details don't remain, but the impressions do. BTW, I like Margaret Atwood's essays better than her fiction.