Wednesday, June 07, 2017

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Attention to Books of Possible Interest

Savage Scrolls: Volume One: Scholarship from the Hyborian Age by [Blosser, Fred]
This weekend Robert E. Howard Days will be happening in Cross Plains, Texas.  If you can't be there, you can celebrate by buying and reading a copy of this study of Howard's work. Savage Scrolls: Volume One: Scholarship from the Hyborian Age eBook: Fred Blosser, Bob McLain: Kindle Store  Robert E. Howard's swashbuckling heroes strove mightily against fantastic foes and strode boldly across lands steeped in ancient sorcery, court intrigue, and fabulous wealth. In this vibrant traveler's guide, historian Fred Blosser chronicles the people, flora, fauna, and politics of REH's universe.

No Howard creation looms larger than Conan, and there's plenty of Conan in this book, but there's also much-needed coverage of Howard's other square-jawed heroes, including such equally bold though lesser-known adventurers as Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, Black Vulmea, and Kirby O'Donnell.
In addition, Blosser examines Howard's wide oeuvre of pulp fiction, from horror and western tales, to his less successful detective yarns.
From Hyborian Age weaponry, justice, medicine, and mercenaries, to the beasts, villains, and nameless horrors of the African jungles, Central Asian mountain passes, and the haunted Texas town of Lost Knob in our own world, you'll experience anew the genius of Robert E. Howard through the tapestry from which he created his pulp masterpieces.


Rick Robinson said...

Question: why read a study of his work instead of just reading his work?

Bill Crider said...

You read the work first, and then the study.

Rick Robinson said...

Sounds awfully academic, professor.

Tom Johnson said...

I read all of Glen Lord's Howard-zine, does that count (LOL)?