Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I Miss the Old Days

25 '80s Snapshots Of Times Square That Will Never Be Seen In Real Life Again


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Tad's! Man, I can remember going to Times Square with my friends in the mid-60s (yes, I'm old) and eating at Tad's Steaks. You got a steak (so to speak), a baked potato, and a big hunk o'garlic bread, plus salad. And as long as you got the "special" it was cheap, even for a high school senior.

And, what do you know, Tad's lives!

(Granted, I can't get Jackie to eat there for nostalgia's sake, but it's there if you want to try it.)

I miss the old days.

Bill Crider said...

I like the headline on that review. You need to go again, alone if you have to, just for old time's sake.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Tell Jackie. I'm game.

A lot of those shots are on 42nd Street, some (Peep World!) on 8th, a few
(Marriot Marquis, TKTS) on Broadway. The 42nd Street ones give you the real TAXI DRIVER feel, though of course it should be lit up and at night.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

She reminds me that some years ago, they filmed a rat running across the grill.

I told her, "So we don't go to that one."

Don Coffin said...

My first visit to NYC was just after Christmas in 1967. We wandered around, but only briefly (passing through) in Times Square; mostly in Chinatown or in the Met (I was dating an art student). Next time I got the NYC was in the mid-1980s (for a conference), by which time the big clean-up of Times Square had begun. So I never saw it at its nadir.