Monday, March 06, 2017

Robert Osborne, R. I. P.

LA Times: Robert Osborne, who displayed an encyclopedic knowledge — and love — of films and film history as the primary host of Turner Classic Movies, has died in New York, the network said Monday. He was 84.


Deb said...

Sorry to hear this. I'd noticed he hadn't shown up much on TCM in the last few weeks (unless the intros had been taped a long time ago).


Rick Robinson said...

Too bad, I really enjoyed his lead-ins and commentary. RIP.

Unknown said...

Looking back, Robert Osborne's absences from TCM over the last year or so reflect the man's discretion.
He was spared the indignity of a tabloid deathwatch ("Last Sad Days!").
Upcoming, TCM will no doubt mount a major tribute - wait a minute, they already have, about a year ago, just at the beginning of his withdrawal; we can expect a replay or several (possibly a DVD?).
The network is in good hands; Ben Mankiewicz has grown on us over time, and will doubtless continue to do so.

Ave Robert Osborne!

August West said...

I really liked the guy. TCM is my favorite channel and I missed him these recent months.

Anonymous said...

Ben Mankiewicz is no Robert Osborne. They need to search elsewhere. Perhaps Scott Eyman or Mark Harris. Harris has written two of the best books on film in the last 25 years - Pictures at a Revolution & Five Came Back. Eyman has done the definitive bios of Mayer, DeMille and Wayne.

Just my two cents. I will miss Osborne.


George said...

I enjoyed Robert Osborne's knowledgeable introductions to the movies he obviously loved.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I don't watch as much TCM as I used to, but I always enjoyed Osborne's introductions and knowledgeable commentaries. No, Mankiewicz is no Osborne.