Friday, October 28, 2016

Otto Penzler: By the Book

Otto Penzler: By the Book 


Deb said...

That was good. I knew almost all the books and authors (a rarity for me and BY THE BOOK). But that Ayn Rand thing came outta left (well, right) field; and I'm astonished that someone who has obviously read as much crime/mystery/suspense/thriller fiction as Penzler truly didn't see the twist coming in GONE GIRL.

Unknown said...

That surprised me, too, Deb.

RHovey, CA said...

Great, insightful little interview. I haven't run into Otto in many years, but always credit my stopping by his store in the late 70's--while walking to the Manhattan Chess Club to play in a tourney--as being responsible for discovering mystery fandom when I saw copies in his store of a then popular Sherlock Holmes fanzine (The Commonplace Book). I learned of SH fandom and joined the society in SF (Scowrers and Molly Maguires), then hit my first Bouchercon in 1980 in SF, arranging with Don Herron to speak on a panel on mystery gaming (some fun but full-of-himself guy named Robert B. Parker was the guest of honor). Penzler's Bouchercon in NYC in the 80's was one of my very favorites.