Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lying Swine?

The folks at Google said it would take "a few days" to restore the links that used to reside happily at the right of my blog.  It's been a lot more than a few days since the links disappeared.  More like a month.  Some people now suspect that Google never intended to restore the links, which seem to have been removed during some kind of "improvement" to blogger.  Some people think that some lying swine just threw out the "a few days" timeline to keep people quiet for a while in the hopes that everyone would just forget that the links had gone missing in the first place.  I know of at least one blog on which the links have reappeared.  I know of many others on which they haven't.  So I'll start gathering some links and try to get some of them back where they belong.  However, there were a lot of links, and I don't remember all of them.  You can let me know if there are any you'd especially like to see, and I'll get those on the list.  In a few days.


Undine said...

Knowing Google, I'll take "Lying Swine" for $500, Alex.

Rick Robinson said...

Mine (
Mystery Fanfare
Jungle Red Writers
Most of the usual FFB people
Something's Going to Happen

I'll think of more.