Friday, June 10, 2016


Tampa Bay Times: A remake of 1984’s Splash is now in the works, according to It turns out that producer Brian Grazer, who co-founded Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard (who directed the original flick), thinks it’s time for a contemporary reboot.


Jeff Meyerson said...

I read that and was disgusted, if not surprised, by the news. No Tom Hanks. No Darryl Hannah. And no John Candy.

NO thank you.

Let's see, hmm. For Hanks we can get Shia LaBoeuf, he'll come cheap these days. For the girl? Kate Hudson is too old. How about Zoey Deschanel? And for Candy, let's get wacky and get Kevin Hart.

Unknown said...

Great casting, Jeff. It's a surefire hit!

Rick Robinson said...

Why not Gaga for the mermaid?

Unknown said...

Even better than Zoey, Rick. Great suggestion.