Friday, June 10, 2016

Gordie Howe, R. I. P.

 NY Daily News: Howe, the legendary Hall of Fame Canadian right wing known for his scoring prowess, his willingness to fight, and his career longevity playing 25 of his 26 NHL seasons for the Detroit Red Wings – died Friday morning in Ohio, according to numerous reports, including the Hockey News’ Ken Campbell.  

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Deb said...

Also known to non-hockey aficionados as "the guy whose picture Bart uses to answer a personal ad--as Woodrow--to Mrs. Krabapple."

/I know much more about The Simpsons than I do hockey.

Thomas Miller said...

I saw Gordie and his sons play with the Houston Aeros twice back in the mid '70s. He was a legend.

RHovey, CA said...

Don't know much about Hockey, even having been a kid in New England. Have no clue, but I've gotten on the Sharks band wagon many times as they did well but, sigh, usually bowed out early. Loving their first cup appearance now, though Pittsburg seems like they'll take it in the end. As I understand it, Goride and Gretzky are the best ever, along with a handful of others... Funny to look in on the old days when they played with no helmets, etc. Go Sharks!

George said...

I saw Gordie Howe play in maybe a dozen hockey games back when we had season tickets to the Buffalo Sabres. Tough, hard-working player. And, he played professional hockey for over 25 years. Astonishing!