Monday, June 06, 2016

I Want to Believe!

Daily Express: A RESPECTED astronomer sensationally suggested NASA has been covering up the existence of a second sun in our solar system and the fabled Nibiru planet, during a live broadcast.


Deb said...

How do they cover up the existence of this second sun--put their thumb over it every time they display a photo?

Dan said...

Respected by whom?

Gerard said...

He is not only "respected" his is "seasoned".

"I've had dreams about it." 'It' being the planet Nibiru.

Don Coffin said...

Near as I can tell, he's a techie interested in astronomy, not a "respected astronomer." This is what he says about himself on the website of "Slooh Telescope." and online channel:

"I’ve been fascinated by science and astronomy since I was a young lad. I discovered Slooh in 2003, and immediately saw the benefits of its online observatories – telescope ownership under English cloudy skies isn’t very productive! Slooh’s combination of technologies instantly set my techie brain alight – and I just had to be involved with such a fantastic and unique project. I’ve managed most aspects of Slooh’s tech and engineering ever since. Slooh has also given me a superb opportunity to share my passion for astronomy by hosting many of Slooh’s live shows and I’m honoured to be Slooh’s Community Manager. Join me on one of Slooh’s Expeditions."

Don Coffin said...

" architect by profession..."

Doesn't mean he's wrong. though. Jus raises the bar for belief.