Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

Ranking the best and worst Super Bowl announcers, from John Madden to Phil Simms


Jeff Meyerson said...

After listening last week I have to agree - Phil Simms sucks. Great quarterback, sh1tty color man.

But then, I'm not a big fan of Joe (Fox Promo) Buck either, though he's better at football than baseball.

I miss the old days. ..of Pat Summerall and John Madden.

Unknown said...

I'm not a Joe Buck fan, either, and I was even less of a Jack Buck fan. I may have mentioned here before that Cowboy fans always called him Buck Jack because he consistently got the names of players backward. Norman Pettis instead of Pettis Norman, for instance.

Cap'n Bob said...

He sounds like Curt Gowdy towards the end of his career (like, the last 20 years). He always called the wrong players, wrong team, wrong score, and wrong everything. As the game progressed and he got drunker, I assume, he started slurring.