Monday, June 01, 2015

I'm Sure You'll All Agree

27 Underrated Shows All True TV Fans Should Watch


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Well, I know you agree on PUSHING DAISIES and I agree on some of the others - Jackie loved MOONLIGHT, for example, and MIRANDA may not be great but Miranda Hart is. But anything starring Jennifer Love Hewitt is a no.

I'd agree on FREAKS AND GEEKS and LIFE and the great DEAD LIKE ME (I'm still annoyed this wasn't renewed)but Andy Samberg ruined BROOKLYN NINE-NINE for me and we didn't like AWAKE at all.


Bill Crider said...

Yes, I'm in all with way for PUSHING DAISIES. Judy was a big fan of MOONLIGHT, but I seldom watched that one. FREAKS AND GEEKS would get a yes from me, too.

Bud said...

I guess I'm not a True TV Fan (lucky for me), since the only one I've seen is the one episode of Angel where they did a self-parody a few shows before the end of the series. I loved the over-the-top female Italian CEO of Wolfram & Hart.

But Dr. BC has spoken and I must obey, if I can find them 8-)

FreeLiverFree said...

I was a fan of Angel for the most part. I've always waver between really liking Joss Whedon's work and wanting to smack him in the head for some of his choices.

Gargoyles was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I liked how characters from Shakespeare would occasionally turn up in the series.

Cap'n Bob said...

Some of these shows were on for 5 years. That hardly makes them overlooked. I, too, liked Pushing Daisies.

Todd Mason said...

LIFE was pretty brilliant, and HALT AND CATCH FIRE is definitely worth catching, even if you don't care how the Compaq computers story can be lightly fictionalized.