Wednesday, June 03, 2015

“How to Read Disreputably” (by Kevin Mims)

“How to Read Disreputably” (by Kevin Mims) | SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN: Kevin Mims is a short-story writer and essayist whose stories have appeared in many literary magazines and in EQMM and AHMM. His essays have appeared in the New York Times and many other newspapers. He last contributed a post to this site almost exactly a year ago. He returns with a piece focused entirely on reading and readers. It will bring back some vivid memories for those of us who used to carry “pocket books” around in pockets or bags.—Janet Hutchings


Rick Robinson said...

Makes it sound like no one reads those mass market paperbacks any more, or even that they don't exist. O course they do, and we still read them, new and old.

Unknown said...

We do, but I have a feeling they're declining in popularity.

Todd Mason said...

Certainly as a whole. I wonder about the taller paperback format becoming the default for would-be and already-are "bestsellers" in mm pb format...other than greater visibility, why? More words per page?