Sunday, February 01, 2015

Zardoz is #6

50 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the 1970s


Jeff Meyerson said...

ZARDOZ is #6? Maybe if it was a list of six. Otherwise, you have GOT to be kidding.


Jeff Meyerson said...

In fact, their list in general sucks.


Unknown said...

To me that #6 was a tip-off.

Fred Zackel said...


Todd Mason said...

Then again, consider almost *all* the sf films of the 1970s. And I like ZARDOZ, but I take it to be a psychedelic farce. HOW DID THIS GET MADE the podcast is about to do their treatment of it.

Of course, I haven't looked at the list yet, and fully expect boring fluff such as STAR WARS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, ALIEN and even SILENT RUNNING to ride high.

Todd Mason said...

Geez Louise, did I call it or what? That STARCRASH and CATTLECAR GALAXATIVE (I think that was Spider Robinson's name for it) are on the list at all is indicative of what ROLLING STONE has been good for for quite some time. They lucked into a few decent films, such as SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE.

Todd Mason said...

From the current ANSIBLE:

George Lucas, talking to Robert Redford at the Sundance Film Festival, confirmed the dark suspicions of many fans: 'I really have no interest in science fiction at all.' (Independent, 30 January) But after deploring the 'circus'-like insubstantiality of too many recent films, he stoutly added: 'If you go into Star Wars and see what's going on there, there's a lot more substance than circus.'


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