Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Digest Enthusiast

Some of you are going to want this, I know.  Just look at the ToC below, and you'll see why I say that.  If you have any interest at all in digest-size magazines, you'll have to have it.  There's a website set up with a nice gallery of digest covers, and there will soon be a forum there for discussion of digests.  Check it out.

The Digest Enthusiast Book One

Phyllis Galde, Editor and Publisher of Fate magazine
Gordon Van Gelder, Editor and Publisher of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Matthew Turcotte, Archie Digest Library collector

Digest 911: Protective Sleeves by D. Blake Werts
Galaxy Science Fiction: The H.L. Gold Years by Larry Johnson
In Defense of Digests by Rob Imes
The Big Story by Charlie Jacobs
Myron Fass, Foto-rama & His Other Digests by Tom Brinkmann

Fate #725 by Rudolph Schmidt
Coronet June 1950 by David Burnette
Fate Trading Cards by Rudolph Schmidt
Paperback Parade #85 by Rudolph Schmidt

A Darker Night by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
The Presidential Collection by Lesann Berry
A Foul Breath of Fresh Air by Richard Krauss

Joe Wehrle, Jr. (cover)
Michael Neno
Bob Vojtko (gag cartoons)

Print Edition: $5.99 from CreateSpace or

Kindle Edition: $1.99 from


Steve Oerkfitz said...

Too much Fate and Coronet.

Todd Mason said...

Well...if I don't have to read FATE, I don't mind reading about it...and CORONET is interesting in the way that LIFE or certainly READER'S DIGEST is, as a measure of their era.

Bill, did I miss FM posts about these?

Unknown said...

I think I posted about the first one. Not this one, though.

Unknown said...

I've sent off a message about it.