Friday, August 29, 2014

Forgotten Books: My Gun, Her Body (Dinah for Danger) -- Jeff Bogar (Leslie Bernard)

This is one of the books I bought at Kayo Books when I was in San Francisco.  I bought it because I liked the title and the cover, and I should have known better than to read it.  But I couldn't resist.

Jeff Bogar is a house name used by several of the residents of the Mushroom Jungle.  In this case, it's being used by Leslie Barnard, according to this website.  

Jeff Bogar is also the name of the detective in this novel, which is set in Florida.  I don't know if Leslie Barnard was ever in Florida, and the setting is indeed a lot like Florida as imagined by someone in Britain.  There are occasional Britishisms throughout the text, so I suppose the editors at Lion Books didn't really do much editing but instead just reprinted the British edition just as it appeared when it was called Dinah for Danger.  I have to admit that I like the U.S. title better.  

The story's nothing special.  A private-eye's looking for a reporter who's disappeared while working on a big story.  Bogar gets beaten up and dragged to the swamps. Or maybe he gets dragged to the swamps and beaten up.  I forget the order.  He vows revenge.  He gets it.  Dinah finally shows up, and there's a bit of a twist, but nothing surprising.  I wish I could say the book was fun in its goofy way, but it wasn't.  Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but for now I'm pretty well convinced that it deserves to be forgotten.  Except for the title and the cover, of course.  Those are great.


Todd Mason said...

Well, now you get to write a MY GUN, HER BODY...I've done up only one book that I thought pretty irredeemable so far, and it by a cartoonist of some renown who has now started a teapot tempest for his typically fetishist cover for SPIDER-WOMAN comics, much as the Marvels folks hoped he might.

This holiday weekend seems hard on responses.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's not entirely irredeemable. It's kind of goofy fun, or would be if you were in the right mood, which I obviously wasn't.