Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At Last They're Taking Action Against those Fraud Stars. And I'm Gonna be Rich.

To. Beneficiary.

This is Agent David Jackson and we are here in Nigeria as an FBI/ UNITED NATION delegate that have been delegated to investigate these fraudsters who are in the business of swindling Foreigners that came for transaction in Nigeria .

Please be informed that during our investigation,we found out that there is a total sum amount of money $12.5million that has been assigned in your name as the beneficiary and these fraudsters are busy swindling you without any hope of receiving your fund.

These are the works of the fraud stars who needed to extort money from you in the name of this transfer.We have to inform you that we have made some arrested in respect of this delayed over due fund. I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I advise you urgently respond to this message .

These criminals will be caught unaware and we don't want them to know this new development  to avoid jeopardizing our investigation,you need to conceal anything that has to do with this exercise to enable us get all the necessary information we required.

I shall be expecting  your swift response as soon as you receive this email.

(1) Your full name.
(2) Phone, fax and mobile #.
3) Home address/ Country
4) Profession, age and marital status.

Best Regard,


Graham Powell said...

The authors of the book Superfreakonomics point out that these emails are specially tailored to fool only the MOST GULLIBLE readers. So if you didn't buy it, it worked perfectly.

Deb said...

It's the same with telemarketing: if it didn't work on at least some level, no one would do it.

Cap'n Bob said...

I hope you jumped right on this great opportunity, Bill. It's a chance to get rich and stymie the fraudsters.

Rick Robinson said...

Don't forget to also send your bank information including password and PINS, and your Social Security number.

Unknown said...

I don't want to screw this up. It's the FBI. What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Your government tax dollars at work. At last we are getting something for it.

Damn you, Fraud Stars! Take that.


lastromantic49 said...

I've always found these entertaining. Pretty fascinating the variations these go through.

Unknown said...

I agree!