Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Miss the Old Days

America's Vanishing Bowling Alleys 


Tom Johnson said...

I worked as a pin boy when I was ten years old, until a drunk clobbered me with a bowling ball when I was still in the pit. The bowling alley hired us kids because we were fast monkeys, and could drop into the pit, set the pins up, and get out. I must have been too slow (g). They kicked the drunk out, but I was banged up for the night.

Anonymous said...

Texas doesn't lead the way.

In high school my friends and I went bowling almost every Saturday. I haven't been in decades.


Unknown said...

Tom, I never bowled in an alley that didn't have an automatic pin setter. Your job was already obsolete by the time I picked up a ball.

Jeff, we bowled often in the bowling alley in the SUB when I was in college, but I haven't bowled in 40 years.

Cap'n Bob said...

Funny, I've been thinking of going bowling recently. My main problem is the expense. When I was a teen we would wait until after the leagues were finished and bowl for 25 cents a game. It's probably more like $4-5 a line now, and you have to go through the hell of trying to figure out how to set up the automatic scoring.

What's your best game, Jeff? Mine's 226.

Unknown said...

My best game is 202. It would've been better, but I was so excited about the score that I knocked down only 2 pins in the 9th frame. Luckily I recovered enough to break 200.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n, it's been a long time but I was at about 220. I honestly can't remember the exact number.

The last time we were in a bowling alley was at Rock 'n' Bowl in New Orleans seeing a concert.

We didn't bowl.