Tuesday, March 11, 2014

News from Robert J. Randisi

It’s all about BROOKLYN
Robert J. Randisi

In 2011 my novel, THE END OF BROOKLYN, was published. It was meant as the third and final entry in what turned out to be a “Nick Delvecchio” trilogy.  Why it came 20 years after the second nook is a mystery, even to me. but because it did it had to be written that way. In parts of the book, Nick had to be 20 years older.  It was a joy to write, mainly because I was able to go back to Nick and Brooklyn 20 years after I, myself, had left them.
This was what my Booklist review looked like
* Starred Review Booklist. "The final entry in Randisi's Brooklyn trilogy is dark, brooding, and thoroughly compelling [with] . . . clever plotting and an engaging narrative voice. Randisi has written hundreds of crime stories and earned numerous awards. This is among his finest efforts." (Wes Lukowsky, Booklist, May 2011).

It was very gratifying for two reasons. One, I wasn’t sure how Nick and Brooklyn would sound 20 years later and two, We Lukoswksy had reviewed a lot of my work over the years, so his opinion in very informed.

END was published by Perfect Crime in 2011, and now, in 2014, they are bringing back the first two books, NO EXIT FROM BROOKLYN, and THE DEAD OF BROOKLYN.  So for the first time all three “Delvecchio” novels are available at the same time from the same place. “Nick Delvecchio” is one my my best, my favorite, and my most fully realized characters. (Available from Amazon, B&N, the PerfectCrime website, and many mystery bookstores).

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