Saturday, March 15, 2014

David Brenner, R. I. P.

Yahoo News: David Brenner, the gangly, toothy-grinned "Tonight Show" favorite whose brand of observational comedy became a staple for other standup comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser, died Saturday. He was 78.


Cap'n Bob said...

My first wife and I saw him in Lake Tahoe when we got married. He wasn't funny that night, which surprised me.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised he was 78. I never found him as funny as others did, or he himself seemed to. He was no Rodney Dangerfield.



Todd Mason said...

Kind of the next gen of Joey Bishop, only better and less self-involved. Even down to having a not terribly successful talk show. I liked his work, but I, too, thought (slightly younger) others of his comedy generation (such as David Steinberg or Steve Landesburg or Catherine O'Hara) were better comedians.

Todd Mason said...

Or Lily Tomlin, almost his exact contemporary.