Wednesday, January 01, 2014


The Top 10 Mystery / Thriller Titles eBook / Audio / Print | Gordian Knot BooksTop Ten Mystery / Thriller

The Man – Irving Wallace
The Second Lady – Irving Wallace
The Seventh Secret – Irving Wallace
Too Late to Die – Bill Crider
The Fan Club – Irving Wallace
Harlot’s Moon – Ed Gorman
Small Felonies – Bill Pronzini
D.O.A. – Dave Pedneau
The Weedless Widow – Deborah Lewis
Bohemian Heart – James Dalessandro


Jerry House said...

Another list you're not--oh, wait.

Congratulations! I knew there had to be a lot of discerning readers out there.

Anonymous said...

Irving Wallace, over and over again? You're in heady company!


Mel Odom said...

Congrats, buddy!

George said...

Obviously, a solid group of writers!