Friday, January 03, 2014

Free for Kindle for a Limited Time Night Spoor eBook: Wayne D. Dundee: Kindle Store Simon Oakhaven and his granddaughter, Jennifer, have traveled far and long to find and stop Simon's lost love, Lenore. They are willing to do whatever it takes to complete this task, before it's too late.

Lenore works the night as a waitress or a dancer, sometimes even a prostitute – all guises she has assumed in the past to satisfy her craving for life-sustaining blood. Her victims are primarily men, although she has been known to feed on women as well. 

Pitcairn also works the night; an amoral man who kills for money. Can he be persuaded to take on the hunt for the beautiful and deadly Lenore? 

Will any of them survive the lethal cat and mouse that ensues, or will the evils of the night claim them all?

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