Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Overlooked Movies -- The Power

The Power was intended to be a cut above the usual SF B-movie.  It has a B+ cast and a pretty good script, too.  And good production values.  It's based on a novel by Frank M. Robinson, which I read at about the time the movie came out in 1968.  I don't remember if I read the book first or saw the movie first, but I liked both of them.  

Scientists at a research facility are being killed off by someone who seems to have the ability to do so using only the power of his mind.  George Hamilton is trying to track him down.  Meanwhile all traces of Hamilton's existence are being erased.  Hamilton is a bit out of his depth here, but so what?  Suzanne Pleshette makes up for it, and the plot moves along pretty well.  

The ending of the movie is about what you'd expect from Hollywood.  Most of the rest of the movie follows the book pretty well, but the book's ending was much darker.  It's all kind of ridiculous, but still fun.  Check it out.


Anonymous said...

What I remember about this is not much, just that Hamilton seemed a bit over his head here.


Todd Mason said...

Hamilton specialized in being over his head in most roles that had any requirements whatsoever (aside from expert tanning).

James Reasoner said...

I remember reading and really liking the book, especially the ending, but don't think I ever saw the movie.