Monday, December 03, 2012

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan trailer - Charlton Heston, Pat Morita, et al - YouTube:


Deb said...

Bill, I hope tomorrow you plan to give equal time to John Wayne's classic take on Genghis Khan, "The Conqueror," featuring Wayne as Khan and Susan Hayward as (red-headed!) Bortai, the Tartar Woman.

Anonymous said...

Deb, you read my mind!

Of course, that's the movie directed by Dick Powell in the Nevada desert at the time of the atomic tests where a larger than normal number of the cast and crew seem to have come down with cancer - Powell, Wayne, Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Armendariz. Supposedly 91 of them got cancer (several were heavy smokers or may have had other factors) and 46 died.

Bortai: For me, there is no peace while you live, Mongol.
Temujin: You're beautiful in your wrath.


Deb said...

Lest we forget:

(Kahn, talking to his brother, trying to make Bortai jealous while watching exotic dancing girls): "After them, Jamuga, all other women are like the second pressing of the grape."

Followed closely by the line censors forced on the movie when Kahn well, rapes really is the only word, Bortai: "Know this Tartar woman--I takes you for wife."

I'm sure that made her feel better.