Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Overlooked Movies, Part 2

10 (Almost) Forgotten Made-For-TV Biopics


Todd Mason said...

Some definitely more forgotten than others...truly the definition of slumming for entirely too many of the actors involved. The definition of paying rent, too, of course.

Anonymous said...

Glad to say I missed them all, except possibly the Lucy & Desi one.

Of course there were three competing Amy Fisher movies:

The Amy Fisher Story, with Drew Barrymore and Anthony John (aka Tony) Denison (now of THE CLOSER/MAJOR CRIMES) as Joey Buttafuoco on ABC was on opposite (and beat in the ratings) CBS's Casualities of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story, with Alyssa Milano and Jack Scalia.

The third was Amy Fisher: My Story with Noelle Parker and Ed Marinaro.

All were dated 1992.


Deb said...

I hope the Babe Deidrickson tv biopic with Susan Clark and Alex Karras hasn't been forgotten. I really enjoyed that.

Compared to Lindsey Lohan's Liz Taylor movie, the one with Sherilynn Fenn was Citizen Kane.

Todd Mason said...

Actually, Jeff, the two that went head to head debuted 3 Jan 1993...the Noelle Parker item was from September of '92. (Barrymore and Milano were perhaps committed to projects that caused a comparative delay...).

Deb, I remember BABE.

Anonymous said...

BABE was wonderful. RIP Alex Karras. And of course Susan Clark's brother was Bob (PORKY'S) Clark.