Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Chris Noel in Soldier in the Rain

Chris Noel in Soldier in the Rain - YouTube:


Paul D. Marks said...

Great, largely unknown movie with Steve McQueen and Jackie Gleason in somewhat different roles. A small movie with a big heart. Based on a book by great screenwriter William Goldman. And with the addition of Tuesday Weld, who could ask for more? --Paul Marks

Cap'n Bob said...

Mmmmmm, Chris Noel. She had a radio show that would come on every morning on Armed Forces Radio, which we'd hear in Nam. She'd start off saying, "Hi, love," and she made life worth living.

Todd Mason said...

And, well, wasn't McQueen just a bit less smooth than he thought he was, apparently? Reassuring in a sense...just sad, in another.