Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Best and Worst Bond Themes of All Time

The Best and Worst Bond Themes of All Time


Fred Blosser said...

I would add, as "bests," Matt Munro's smooth vocals on FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE -- a great Lionel Bart tune, maybe too old-fashioned crooner-y for today's audience -- and Tom Jones' THUNDERBALL.

John Barry's title tunes for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER and MOONRAKER are also notable.

I'm not much of an Adele fan; the lyrics for the SKYFALL theme are barely professional where they aren't downright derivative (including the "You know my name" bit from the CASINO ROYALE title song).

The older Bond films still hold up pretty well, although the Q scene in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE looks pretty silly now, I noticed in watching it the other night. Q instructs 007 on turning the catches on his trick briefcase as if he's explaining a complex mathematical theorem. And it isn't played for a laugh either, as the later movies fine-tuned the 007/Q dynamic -- "Yes, thanks, I think I've got it," Bond says like the dense student who finally understands what the professor is telling him.

Cap'n Bob said...

That scene was probably intended for the audience, Fred, which isn't as smart as Bond.