Thursday, November 08, 2012

Free for Kindle for a Limited Time

We Are The Hanged ManWe Are The Hanged Man: Douglas Lindsay: Kindle Store: When the latest hit reality TV show, Britain's Got Justice, needs an expert police panellist, DCI Robert Jericho's boss thrusts him into the media spotlight, knowing full well that Jericho has been desperate to avoid the limelight since his wife's unexplained disappearance ten years ago. 

 With the press now hounding his every move, there's nowhere to hide. 

Meanwhile, a killer, newly released from prison, resumes the bone-chilling handiwork for which he was locked away thirty years earlier. 

Sinister tarot cards turn up on Jericho's desk, each one more grotesque than its predecessor. As he investigates a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, he becomes aware that a noose is gradually tightening around his throat. 

Someone is setting him up for a neck-breaking fall.

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