Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Worst Airship Disasters in History

10 Worst Airship Disasters in History


Konsumterra said...

worst airship disaster - the one that started modern global cult of astrology

Brent McKee said...

R101 had a near sister ship, the R100 which had successfully made the trans-Atlantic round-trip from Britain to Canada. R100 was built privately by Vickers-Armstrong, and part of the design team were Barnes Wallis, who created the "Dambusters bomb" and Nevil Shute (using his full name Nevil Shute Norway) as senior stress engineer. R101 was government initially built to the same design as R100 but the government decided to lengthen the ship with an additional section without considering the aerodynamic consequences of the addition. After the loss of R101 the R100 was ordered dismantled by the British government.

Cap'n Bob said...

O, the humanity!