Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Attention to Books of Interest

Grave Digger Blues
Mad Max crossed with the Weimar Republic?  Alligators?  How can you possibly go wrong.

Grave Digger Blues: Jesse Sublett: Kindle Store (Or get the iPad Deluxe editionNew, upgraded edition, with photos and graphics. Not your average eBook, this surreal post-apocalyptic crime novel is hot-wired with over 100 haunting and sexy photos and graphics. The narrative is hypnotic, hardboiled, feverish, and funny. Welcome to the USA in the near future, the last summer before the end of the world. A right wing Republican coup and terrorist strikes have decimated the social infrastructure. The digital world is 90 percent gone. Only a handful of elites have cell phones, and making a call on someone's land line can cost plenty. The power grid is shot. Our guides to this blasted world are Hank Zzybnx, a damaged war vet, private eye and hit man, haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, and The Blues Cat, a jazz musician on an endless series of one-nighters, beloved by strange women, shadowed every step the muscle men of his nemesis, Big Clyde. Grizzly bears and alligators have invaded the cities. Weird epidemics ravage the land. Crime is rampant. Nightlife in bars like the Morgue, however, is booming. Envision Mad Max crossed with the Weimar Republic, to the tune of Mack the Knife played by Tom Waits. The Blues Cat, tired of roaming, yearns for the one thing he can never have--a quiet life and a loving wife. Hank searches for clues to his fragmented past. He rarely sleeps, and never dreams.

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Kelly Robinson said...

Looks awesome, but I'm wondering how a "serial novella" will work. I assume I'll have to pay for each new installment, but it would be good to know how many parts it's in.